From NY to LA, young firms are changing the rules of creative and client control. Meet two of them.

Full Episode: The State of Architecture

Season 1, Episode 1

The State of Architecture

The patronage model of architecture is being challenged. No longer satisfied with trying to meet budget and time constraints after a client purchases a property, architects are moving upstream in the process. Going beyond notions like “design-build” to take control of bids, land decisions, and even becoming developers in their own right.

Is this the future of architecture, or a momentary trend? To find out, By Design travelled to two young firms on the edge of this new movement.

Inside the Episode

Through rapid-fire prototyping and unique forms of design improvisation, residential firm Laney LA and NYC-based commercial practice KURV are unlocking the potential for architects to fully evaluate and cost a project before the land is even bought.

With new technologies at his fingertips, and design teams trained to quickly concept with alarming accuracy, Anthony Laney is earning a seat the development table by allowing clients to create a vision first, then iterate in real time to bid, design and develop with total accuracy.

In New York, KURV’s Alexander Hughes is going a bold step beyond. Rather than assist developers in bid evaluation, KURV is becoming a developer in their own right. Employing real estate teams to find available land, then creating prototypes and cost analysis to decide if they want to buy it themselves — often going from first look to formal bid in a matter of hours.

Watch the episode to see how their work has the potential to revolutionize the field. Then follow us on social media for access to bonus content that will take you behind the scenes, inside their studios and more.

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