Fear of technology change is leaving firms at a loss.
We get to the bottom line.

Discover the technologies pushing these firms ahead of the competition.


Season 2, Episode 3

Firm Choices

The business of architecture has never been in a more precarious state. Lower fees, shrinking budgets, higher costs and rising client demands have created a dangerous financial precipice for firms large and small. In return, owners are turning to technology for new methods of efficiency, sometimes betting their very survival on making the right software choice.

To understand the critical decisions that principals need to make, and the confusion that often accompanies it, By Design met with three firms that leverage digital technology and BIM as central to their business success, overcoming a real fear of change along the way.

Inside the Episode

In this episode we hear from the principles of three leading firms that have faced these pressures head-on, and come out on top.

Featuring unscripted, honest conversations with LWDA Design, Joseph Vance Associates and Design Architects Associates, this episode of By Design highlights the pressure firms are facing, and the impact of technology choice on profitability.

Project Images and materials used in this season are the sole copyright of the respective firms and have been used with permission. View details.

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