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Season 3, Episode 4

Reality Shift

Like upgrading a phone or buying a new computer, many AEC firms continue to see technology change as a short-term disruption. It’s about making isolated investments when necessary, rather than adopting a deliberate, centralized approach with a single technology platform at the core.

This is the largest paradigm shift BIM has brought to the industry, yet it’s one of the most difficult for firms to embrace. The reason is that BIM is often seen as software, rather than the foundation of an integrated technology strategy. Our fourth episode studies the psychological as well as organizational barriers.

Inside the Episode

While many firms look to BIM for its 3D design capabilities, By Design focused on what it represents as a larger agent of change. Not only in terms of creativity and process, but its ability to serve as a secure bridge to where the AEC industry is moving as a whole. In essence, one large technology shift that positions a firm for everything else to come.

Guiding the discussion from the architecture side is Manasc Isaac, a Canadian firm with deep roots in BIM, tempered with a unique culture that embraces change as a humanistic element. Joining them is Yates Construction, an early tech pioneer using BIM to revolutionize every aspect of the contracting discipline, yielding entirely new methods of field efficiency and teamwork in the process.

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