Finding the courage to change is the first step.
Delivering it is a whole other process.

Discover the technologies pushing these firms ahead of the competition.


Season 3, Episode 2

Zero Hour

Finding the courage to change is the first barrier many firms face. The next is understanding the process of change itself. Too often, adopting new technology is seen as a simple training exercise. Make sure everyone learns the software, and success is bound to follow.

BIM requires a different mindset. To truly realize its benefits, firms need to prepare for a holistic change that may challenge core assumptions about collaboration, hierarchy, workflow and even the nature of design. Exploring these uniquely human factors is the focus of our second episode.

Inside the Episode

To understand the groundwork necessary for a successful transition, By Design studied the critical time period between a firm’s decision to adopt BIM, and the demanding first months of testing, training and implementation.

Central to our story are two firms — KAA Design of Los Angeles and Chicago’s Pappageorge Haymes Partners — with different missions, yet a shared ideal of process and best practice. Together with other leading voices, what emerges is a clear, deeply insightful consensus that any firm considering BIM, or looking to improve their use of BIM, will find essential viewing.

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